ancient alien gold mining in south africa

ancient alien gold mining in south africa

rio tinto preparing autonomous mining trucks suitable for dec 19, 20170183;32;rio tinto preparing autonomous mining trucks suitable for gigantic alien astronauts. tellinger also claims to have found millions of smaller ancient structures in south africa which were most likely used for gold mining, the way tellinger sees things (example pic below).

ancient annunaki gold mines and stone circles in south feb 20, 20180183;32;ancient annunaki gold mines and stone circles in south africa [full video] and prehistoric mines in south africa. he reveals how these 200000yearold sites perfectly. (alien life

proof that aliens created mankind exists in ancient jun 07, 20190183;32;when my son, micah, first told me they had discovered numerous ancient gold mines in south africa dating back to 100,000 or possibly 200,000 years ago, i couldn't just readily accept it, i wanted it to be true, but i also wanted proof. i researched it, and the mines were in fact there and as old or even older than represented.

researchers discover vast ancient gold mines in spain, the nov 25, 20140183;32;archaeologists have long thought that the romans were mining for gold in spain in the first century b.c., and researchers from the university of salamanca have now located the vast ancient gold mines in the province of le243;n, and hidden under eria valley vegetation and crops.

sacred nubian teachings the anunnakiafter surveyors went out and surveyed monodappa and raphali, south africa, and found out that there was a lot of gold there, the anunnaki who were working in the mines did not want to work themselves. instead they wanted to make a being to do their work for them.

dolaucothi gold mines the dolaucothi gold mines (pronounced [dlaik]; welsh mwynfeydd aur dolaucothi) (grid reference), also known as the ogofau gold mine, are ancient roman surface and underground mines located in the valley of the river cothi, near pumsaint, carmarthenshire, wales.the gold mines are located within the dolaucothi estate which is now owned by the national trust.

10 great ancient mysteries of north america ancient pagessep 30, 20150183;32;north america is a great continent where people of diverse cultures once lived but most of these cultures had been forgotten long time ago. in every corner of the world we come across fascinating ancient mysteries that encourage us to learn more about our mysteries past. this time our journey takes us to north america, a land full of ancient secrets that remain unsolved. here we have collected

amazing metropolis discovered in africa is 200,000 years oldamazing metropolis discovered in africa is 200,000 years old share by dan eden for viewzone. quot;the thousands of ancient gold mines discovered over the past 500 years, points to a vanished civilization that lived and dug for gold in this part of the world for thousands of years,quot; says tellinger. as they moved south and settled the land

prehistoric metallurgy ancientwisdommetallurgy prehistoric metallurgy, mining and extraction of ores. article (bulgaria c. 3,000 bc) thousands of uniformly 'pressed' gold 'beads' were discovered in a thracian horde in the bulgarian 'valley of the kings'.the beads, which are only millimetres in diameter, have the appearance of minute 'washers', which show evidence of 'pressing' on both sides.

(2013) african temples of the anunnaki the lost read michael tellinger's book african temples of the anunnaki the lost technologies of the gold mines of enki. published on 20130524. religious newage mythology occult archaeological proof of the advanced civilization on the southern tip of africa that preceded sumer and egypt by 200,000 years includes more

prehistoric mining. ancientwisdomthe wilgie mia redochre mine in australia has been mined for at least 40,000 years, making it the worlds longest continuous mining operation. (9) mining in prehistoric africa. swaziland at lion cave in swaziland, ancient miners cut a tunnel 25 feet wide, 30 feet deep, and 20 ft high. this tunnel was cut into a cliff face 500 feet tall.

what if humans were created to mine gold for aliens jan 27, 20160183;32;/ what if humans were created to mine gold for aliens? previous next in areas such as africa and south america. working 95 is a throw back to the past times of the hard labour of mining gold for them. how many times have you felt good doing your garden, growing your own plants and vegetablesthose annunakis who wanted to save

top 20 anunnaki aliens facts proof of aliens lifetop 20 anunnaki aliens facts. in the anunnaki laboratory the first humans were created in the southeast central africa above the gold mines. this falls exactly on the map where the mitochondrial dna search for eve places the first women homo sapiens in the same period. the anunnaki were the first people to create the building and

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Advantages of ancient alien gold mining in south africa

200 000 year old city found in the south africanthe complex ruins of a walled city, thought to be built by an advanced ancient civilization have been discovered in southern africa.

klerksdorp sphere klerksdorp spheres are small objects, often spherical to discshaped, that have been collected by miners and rockhounds from 3billionyearold pyrophyllite deposits mined by wonderstone , near ottosdal, south africa.they have been cited by some alternative researchers and reporters in books, popular articles, and many web pages, as inexplicable outofplace artifacts that could only have

michael tellingerit is therefore curious that the calendar is referred to in ancient sumerian tablets as a place of observing which was built by the supreme entity enki, who was the ruler of the ancient gold mining empire called the abzu (southern africa). in the same reference, the sumerian text mentions sites that can be equated with great zimbabwe

the most shocking evidence that earth was visited by ancient aliens fight wars in the skies of ancient india. hindu holy books called the vedas describe alien encounters. there is strong evidence that ancient aliens visited other places around the earth. in india, for example, the ancient holy books known as the vedas tell of a space war between ships and fought in the skies. the descriptions of

ancient 200,000bc human metropolis found in africa nov 10, 20090183;32;realizing that sites of abandoned ancient mines may indicate where gold could be found, south africas leading mining corporation, the angloamerican corporation, in the 1970s engaged archaeologists to look for such ancient mines.

2.8billionyearold spheres found in south africa how aug 29, 20140183;32;in 1984, while investigating the spheres, he contacted roelf marx, curator of the museum of klerksdorp, south africa, where some of the spheres are kept. marx described the spheres as being about 2.8 billion years old, with a very hard surface and a fibrous structure inside.

ancient quot;alien discsquot; found by mining company 9/4/17sep 04, 20170183;32;ancient quot;alien discsquot; found by mining company 9/4/17 10 ways we may have already detected alien life john michael godier 1,242,040 views. 2547. these ancient relics are so advanced they

the wake of south africa's abandoned gold minesaug 20, 20180183;32;last updated on aug 20, 2018. we have been covering mining issues in south africa extensively for the past 17 years but no subject on the matter is of greater importance than the absolute plethora of abandoned mines in south africa and the devastation of acid mine drainage pollution that is

decoding the hidden ruins of southern africa discovering the presence of dravidian gold miners is shown in great detail by dr cyril hromnik in his astonishing book indo africa 1981 showing in great detail the exploits of the makomati people hindu dravidians who were here in southern africa mining gold as far back as 2000 years ago and probably even further back in time. sumeria and

south africa's ancient annunaki gold mines dec 27, 20170183;32;after studying the ancient ruins in southern africa. we believe that the ancient city, consisting of many unusual buildings, linked to the lost civilization of ancient aliens from outer space.

gold and the importance to the anunnaki ancient codeaccording to the ancient alien theory, the anunnaki genetically altered primitive mankind and created a labor force which allowed them to mine gold faster.

five globally important archaeological sites in africa feb 17, 20170183;32;the complex was home to 18,000 people and is believed to have taken 300 years to construct. operating as a protocity, great zimbabwe contains evidence of a monarchy, religion, commerce and mining. mystery surrounds its decline, with some experts speculating that the rapid depletion of nearby gold mines may have been the ultimate cause.

ancient gold mines in africa studyin 1884, gold was discovered by the dutch in south africa in a location known as witwatersrand. later, in 1886, another larger gold vein was located in johannesburg, and the first mining camp was

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7 ancient sites some people think were built by aliensoct 26, 20170183;32;7 ancient sites some people think were built by aliens these spots might not have been crafted by extraterrestrials, but that doesnt mean theyre not out of this world. 6 minute read

annunaki, nephilim and denisovans? contact in desert may 23, 20190183;32;theres not too much evidence of them in south africa. they may have gone down to south africa to mine for gold and minerals, and there is evidence down there of giant human beings.

south africa's ancient annunaki gold minesmay 14, 20150183;32;south africas ancient annunaki gold mines. michael tellinger has become an international authority on the origins of humankind and the vanished civilizations of southern africa. scholars have told us that the first civilization on earth emerged in a land called sumer

the history of the anunnaki ancient aliens in africain addition, researchers like michael tellinger today contend that the sumerian anunnaki gold mining operations that were set up in the abzu were in southern africa which included the territory of great zimbabwe.

anunnaki mysical dieties or ancient mesopotamian alien mar 25, 20180183;32;historians denounce ancient alien theorists. ancient alien theorists believe that theres no way longlost human civilizations could have known about complex math without help from more advanced beings. the lingering questions and mysteries about the anunnaki may have nothing to do with aliens, but rather a lack of information about ancient

ancient human metropolis found in africagold mining how long ago? evidence suggests that mining took place in southern africa during the old stone age.. i n the 1970s, archaeologists began looking for south africa's ancient mines. e xtensive mining areas were discovered in swaziland and other sites. some shafts were up to 50 feet deep. stone objects and charcoal remains date to 5,000, 46,000, and 60,000 b.c. scientist now

ancient alien peruvian mining operation? , page 1having said that but what if there were in our ancient past a large scale alien mining operation and we've seen the scaring and have not recognized it as such? nazca and some surrounding areas do show some rather interesting earth works that still to this day have not been completely explained.

anunnaki structures 200,000yearold ancient city aug 01, 20160183;32;as gold production falters, anu arrives on earth with enlil, the heir apparent. it is decided to obtain the vital gold by mining it in southern africa. drawing lots, enlil wins command of earth mission; enki is relegated to africa. on departing earth, anu is

the remains of a 200,000 year old home ancient codeaccording to telling it shows that the sumerians and even the egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier advanced civilization that lived at the southern tip of

ancient astronaut theorists take note as scientists trace the gold mining operations were taking place in southern africa and predated the earliest civilizations in sumer and mesopotamia by unfathomable thousands of years. an indepth timeline of events is suggested by zecharia sitchin and other ancient astronaut theorists.

anunnaki hybrid dna alien racesaccording to sitchin, while the anunnaki production of gold was increased by mining in south africa, so was the physical effort to extract it. after continuous day and night gold mining for a period of 150,000 years (450,000300,000bc), the south african anunnaki mine workers revolted.

theories in gold mininggold mining in south africa reconsidered new mode of by andy higginbottom in development studies and marxism. this paper reconsiders the impact of south africa

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